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Mon Jan 30 20:55:03 religion:

I am still trying to determine the natives religious beliefs. It all seems very pagan to me; some worshipping their transport vehicles, others pretending to be the undead. but I think that the most uniform religious pillar in this community is the worship of youth. It is clear that almost everyone in this place is obsessed with beauty and strength; many people have personal attendants (witch doctors) who try to help them stay "in shape" (the desired shape is not clear). some people even go so far as to drink elixirs made of crushed plants and fruits; these are supposed to alternatively cleanse or fortify, depending on their construction. visions of youth are everywhere; by contrast, the elderly are locked away in shabby towers where they won't be seen on the street.

certain elites in the community are well known for their youthful looks and good breeding; they are the paragons to which the locals must aspire. these paragons are so influential that the news of their comings and goings are front page fodder; they are clearly the royalty of this community. seeing them in person is apparently understood to be some kind of good luck charm; any time anyone enters a public place, all heads turn to see if the newcomer is one of these paragons -- and the expression of disappointment at the sight of a normal citizen is slight but consistent. Fascinating.

I've ordered some parts from a chemical supply company... hopefully my DNA testing kit will be complete soon.


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