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[Comments] (1) Sun Jan 07 12:05:46 we are idiots:

We're back in LA after a 3.5 week time away. We are idiots. We don't have renter's insurance because we're slackers. I think "renter's insurance" is one of the most advanced levels of the game "Escape From Slackerdom". That game starts when you start college, and the levels get harder or more unlikely for you to complete as the game progresses. The first level is "1: Don't Skip Classes," then "2: Do the Reading For Your Classes," then "3: Get A Decent Amount of Sleep Each Night," then one of the Boss characters is "The Taxman," where you have to do your own taxes for the first time, etc. Anyway, one of the last levels is "24: Get Renters Insurance" and we haven't.

We also neglected to tell our neighbor that we would be gone for three weeks. AND there were workmen in our apartment fixing the plumbing when we left. So basically, we're idiots and worried about it all vacation.

When we got back last night, everything in the apt. was really dusty... but it looked like it was all here.

Looking around, we saw that the workmen left the kitchen window wide open. There's a screen, but still, it's the window that's above our porch, which is only 6 feet off the ground. Then last night I thought they left another window open... and... they did! Then, this morning, and this is the kicker.. the porch door was NOT UNLOCKED and was actually cracked open about a half inch!!!1!!!

At this point I'm glad the place was so dusty because it was pretty obvious that nobody had been in here in weeks, otherwise I would have started to get really paranoid.

Anyway... school starts tomorrow.

Happy new year to everyone... I hope that 2007 is a better year for us personally and also for the world.


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