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Thu Sep 06 09:37:23 cool screen tricks:

I used to do this one all the time, but recently forgot it. I had to look it back up again.

Anyway, when you're using screen (which is all the time, right?) and you wish that a particular screen was at a different index (like let's say when you're running some job that you don't want to start over) you can just reassign its index like this:

<escape>:number n

... where escape is probably control-a (aka C-a in screen lingo) and n is the numeric index you'd like the screen to be at.

Yes, it's just that simple!

Another cool screen trick that I'm going to throw in for FREE (if you call in the next 30 seconds) is nesting screens. There are two ways to do this:

1. Set a unique escape in each screen. You can do this by setting a new escape in one of the screens:

<escape>:escape ^Xx

... to set the escape to control-x in that screen. Then you can pick up the screen inside another screen and use the appropriate escape sequence in each screen context.

2. In this method, you don't change the escape sequences at all, but you just hit the sequence twice to "drill down" into a nested screen. So for example, if you have a screen within a screen, and within the nested screen you want to change to the next window, type:


... where merely typing


... would just change the screen in the "top level" screen.

At these prices you can't say no!


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