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[Comments] (5) Fri Jun 02 08:06:46 PST leaving las vegas:

I informed my workplace today that I will be leaving, effective August 4th. I was really nervous about the reaction because so far I have been a fairly integral part of a lot of our new projects, but everyone handled it very well (which was nice for me because I was afraid of major drama about it). I hate disappointing people, and I certainly didn't want people to feel like I have been ungenuine, but there was no way to not deliver the bad news, and delivering it now is better than later from the perspective of the company.

The good news is that I got in to UCLA for a masters in Computer Science -- I am so excited to be doing that instead of this, although both of us being in grad school is going to really put us in the hole for a long time.

A friend pointed it out that it is almost a year since I left NPU.

One of the things that has been really frustrating about this job is that I spend so much time doing things that we would have student workers do at NPU. I'm doing some cool things (we run Linux servers instead of Windows, for example) but most of the time I can't really work on cool stuff for those systems because I'm too busy helping people with email (non-)problems and the like. It's not that I think I'm "too good for it" or something, but my time would really be better spent working on challenging projects.

It has been a struggle to get an assistant/partner in here to help take some of the workload, but even then, we both spend most of our time working on fluff issues. What we really need is a 19 year old kid to work here to do all the grunt work.


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