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Sat May 28 11:38:24 CST lutz cafe:

alh had her last day of work yesterday.

Last night, partly to celebrate, partly just because, we went to Bistro Campagne on Lincoln between Wilson and Sunnyside -- it's a cool French cuisine restaurant -- and pretty affordable, considering. I don't think anything on the menu was over $20 (except wine). Great food.

This morning, we went to Lutz Cafe which is on Montrose, just west of Western. It's in a storefront that you would probably just drive by if you didn't know better... but locals know better. Their pastries all look absolutely incredible, and people in the know order their cakes and such from them, but what alh and I have fallen in love with is their little cafe, especially the garden in the back. The eggs benedict are great, and they serve coffee in little pots on a tray which alh says is how they do it in Austria (and other places, I'm sure), and they give you a couple little sweet rolls while you wait... anyway, it's really cool and I'll miss it.

On the way home, we saw Reggie crossing from Giddings to the square today to hang out on the lamp pedestal. alh said, "He's everywhere! He's the 'Cat Ubiquitous!'"


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