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Thu Aug 11 19:57:12 CST the DMV in Santa Monica:

Went to the DMV today, without an appointment, and got both drivers licenses and both cars registered in CA. Not too shabby. The key was getting our number taken *before* we had to wait in line outside to get the cars VIN numbers inspected by a certified car VIN reader person. Then once we got back inside, we only had to wait about 20 minutes to see one person who handled everything for us. It was great to see one person who was drivers license, plates, cashier, judge, jury, and executioner all in one. So now we're really officially residents.

I had to run around the block to find an ATM since they didn't take credit cards (although the pamphlet with the Governator's picture in it said he made it easier to use credit cards at the DMV... not sure how.

Anyway, it worked out fine, and the lady who helped us was super awesome.

So, our last feature here at bread and cheese was the "will miss/won't miss" list. I think the new feature will be "That's Not How They Do It In Chicago!"

That's Not How They Do It In Chicago #1:

In Chicago, politican's names and faces are plastered everywhere. When you go to the DMV, you see Jesse White. When you go to the park, you see the commissioner's name. Richard M. Daley's name is everywhere. In LA, you see celebrities' faces and names instead. Restaurants, billboards, in your grocery store, and yes, even the DMV. I think that Arnold is the center of this Venn diagram -- he is both celebrity and politician.


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